Our Mission

Above all things, the Bayside staff is committed to the harmonious development of the whole child. We help each child grow spiritually, academically, physically, and socially-emotionally. 


Bayside Adventist Christian School is committed to:

•    Operate on the belief that each student is unique and of inestimable value

•    Focus on the development of the whole person; spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially

•    Prepare children for the joy of service in this life and the greater joy of serving in eternity

•    Reach out to diverse cultural and ethnic students in our community

•    Provide a safe environment where students are encouraged to realize that they are God’s children


Core Values

The core values of Bayside can be summarized with the following:

Building mature faith

Atmosphere of acceptance

Yearn for conscientious growth

Serving others

Innovative instruction

Differentiating instruction

Engaged students and educators



As part of the long standing principles of Adventist education, Bayside Adventist Christian School  believes in educating the complete individual, including developing the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social aspects of each student.  A high degree of excellence in education is pursued in all areas.  God is recognized as the ultimate source of existence and truth and all aspects of the school program are structured in light of this truth. The goal of Bayside is to provide a safe environment in which caring Christian teachers point their students to the Creator-God as we work with families in achieving the following goals.



As students learn of God’s love for them and for all mankind, they experience a personal relationship with Him, accept His plan of redemption for their lives, and find their true self-worth and future.  They become acquainted with the Bible as God’s word to mankind and study God’s revealed will to us through its teachings.  As they explore the mysteries of the world of nature and an unfolding universe, their faith in God is strengthened.  Students learn to look outside themselves and find their greatest joy in unselfish service to others.  They develop a personal devotional life and also experience character education in learning to make morally correct choices.



All students can do quality work and students are encouraged to achieve their potential by only being satisfied with their best.  Students learn valuable knowledge in all subject areas, but beyond that, they are taught to be thinkers and to put the knowledge learned to practical use and problem solving.  The higher levels of thinking are taught as the student progresses through the grades.



Bayside teaches and supports the principles of good health, including healthful diet, adequate rest, daily exercise, and abstinence from harmful substances.  Opportunities for daily exercise are found in physical education classes.



Regular opportunities are provided for students to learn the skills necessary to be successful in social situations.  Conflict management skills are taught.  Students learn to value all people as being of equal worth, regardless of their diverse backgrounds and nationalities.


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